The Dead Sea & Mt. Nebo

The Dead Sea. 1,385 feet below sea level. 1,240 feet deep and 11 miles wide at its widest point.
Floating in the water with a 33.7% salinity. Because of the water density, it's tought to actually swim. You're resigned to just floating. Fed by the Jordan River.
Salt encrusted mud. Looking over at Israel. Floating in the water.
The hotel next to mine. Evaporation makes for crappy visibility. Can barely make out Israel on the other side.
Salt crystals. A huge health spa industry has sprouted up along the banks. The mineral content of the water is supposed to be good for you, the mud is supposed to good for the skin, and the increased atmospheric pressure is supposed to help out people with respiratory issues.
My hotel. The room. Sea level.
The Holy Land, as seen from Mt. Nebo. The Brazen Serpent monument. Modern monument at the top of Mt. Nebo.
The Bible claims Mt. Nebo was where Moses' died and was buried. Ruins of a church built in the 4th century A.D. to commemorate the place of Moses' death. It was closed to visitors at the time due to renovation.
Stuck in traffic.

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