Entrance to Aqaba Fort. What's currently here is a Mamluke fort built in the early 1500s. But there was a fort here as early as the 1300s.
The remains of the outer walls. Castle courtyard. View of the Aqaba Flagpole from the fort.
433 feet tall, it held the world record for tallest free-standing flagpole until 2008, when a flagpole in Turkmenistan beat it by 3 feet. 23 feet taller than the Raghadan Flagpole in Amman. The beach for the locals.
Camel rider. Port facilities right next to the swimming beach. A walk down the beach involves a constant stream of glass bottom boat sales pitches.
Still required to be covered up head to toe. The flagpole seen from the city center. The flagpole weighs 172 tons. Ayla, the old city from the 7th century A.D.
I'm lovin' it. Minaret. Mosque entrance.

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