al Beidha

Little Petra

Entrance to al Beidha, more commonly known as Little Petra. Looking out from the mouth of the canyon. Just past the entrance. It was deserted.
The best preserved of the al Beidha structures. Staircase. Possibly a temple instead of a tomb.
It started to rain a little at this point. Carved directly into the rock face. Maybe 30 feet tall or so. Nothing here was huge like Petra.
Continuing the hike down the canyon. A bunch of little tombs. Looks like an evil little bastard.
More rock formations. End of the road. Actually, I think you can go up the stairs and continue on, but I didn't have the time anyway. Turning around to head back.
History of al Beidha - it was a commercial center for Petra in the first century A.D. Caravans from the north may have stopped here instead of continuing on to Petra itself. Pretty narrow in places, maybe 10 feet or so.
Staircases. Only a little painted fresco remains on the tomb interiors. Half of a carved column.
Back near the entrance. One of the narrowest points. This actually may have been something like an office instead of a tomb. Maybe for the toll collector as caravans stopped here.
I was one day ahead of the rainclouds the whole trip, until they caught up with me at al Beidha. Leaving al Beidha. On the way to Wadi Rum.

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