Venice, the City of Canals Also known as the Floating City. Chiesa del Santissimo Redentore
The train station on the right. Main canal right outside the train station. Scalzi Bridge
117 islands and 177 canals. Also 409 bridges. Lots of arches.
Private dock Alley Rialto Bridge
Main canal Ventian alley The private gondola, for 150+ euros.
The public transport gondola, for 1 euro. Modern art skull Basilica of St Mary of Health
Not sure what the red and white posts mean. View of Piazza San Marco from across the canal. Venetian traffic jam.
Raw egg on a pizza. Not sure who this is. Parking lot
Walking towards Piazza San Marco. Saint Mark's Basilica The official name is Patriarchal Cathedral Basilica of Saint Mark.
There was a huge line to get in to St. Mark's. Piazza San Marco Western face of the cathedral.
Digital clock tower. "At least the bird survived."
"Who cares, it's a rat with wings!"
Dome is 141 feet high.
Cathedral interior. Lots of gold. Looking out over Piazza San Marco. Mosaic on the cathedral exterior.
Looking out towards the canal, with the Doge's Palace on the left. The Doge's Palace Bronze replicas of the Greek Horses, statues that were stolen during the sack of Constantinople during the Fourth Crusade and brought back to Venice.
Piazza San Marco, with St. Mark's Campanile (bell tower) on the right. Known as a famous example of Byzantine architecture. The Greek Horses in front of a stained glass window.
Probably St. George killing the dragon. Ponte dei Sospiri (aka Bridge of Sighs) The really expensive gondola.
More gondolas. Cruising down the main canal. Gondolas on the main canal.
Venice alley Madonna dell'Orto Bridge crossing
Wandering side streets. Main canal near sunset. San Geremia
Venice at night.

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