Santa Maria del Fiore (aka the Duomo di Firenze), and the adjacent Giotto's Bell Tower. The 4th largest cathedral in Europe. 280 feet tall.
Construction began in 1296 and was finished in 1436. Marble facade The largest brick dome in the world.
The golden door on the St. Giovanni Baptistery, called the Gates of Paradise. David slaying Goliath. Chopping off the head.
Emperor Palpatine Why are centaurs always getting their asses kicked? Predator wannabe
Gothic interior Main dome Looking back towards the entrance.
San Marco Michelangelo's David, inside the Accademia. No pictures allowed inside, so this is as good as it gets. Side view of the Duomo.
Ponte Vecchio, spanning the Arno River. Used to have a bunch of butcher shops, but now it's a bunch of jewelers and gold/silver shops. The Arno River.
Palazzo Vecchio Naples side street. Street artist sexual harrassment.
This is pretty awesome.

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