Rosh Hanikra

The white cliffs of the Rosh Hanikra Grottoes. The cable car down to the grotto entrance. Northern Israel coastline, by the Lebanon border.
The fence is the northern Israeli border. At the bottom of the cliffs. In WWII, the British dug a tunnel and built a bridge for a railway connecting Haifa with Tripoli. During the Israeli War for Independence, a sabotage unit blew up the bridge.
The buoys mark the Israel-Lebanon sea border. Looking up at the white chalk cliffs. Blue water.
Inside the caves. There's a couple hundred meters of interconnected cave segments. The sign by the entrance to the Israeli military installation on the border. The actual military base has signs saying No Photos, and I didn't want to risk pissing off Israelis armed with automatic weapons, so this is the only picture.

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