Walking along the beach from Tel Aviv to the old port of Jaffa. Mosque with an ocean view. Large public square at the top of the hill.
The Wishing Bridge. Shortcut over the main road in Jaffa. Legend tells you to put your hand on your zodiac sign, look out to sea, and make a wish so it will come true.
St. Peter's Church, built in 1654. Church interior. Egyptians controlled the area at one time.
Looking over at Tel Aviv. The Statue of Faith. Top of the statue.
Jaffa hill. Ancient ruins. The Mediterranean.
The Jaffa Lighthouse. Minaret. Mosque doors.
Crusaders captured Jaffa in 1100 in the first Crusade. Saladin recaptured it briefly in 1187, but King Richard the Lionheart retook the city in 1191 after the Battle of Arsuf. Crusaders remained in control of the city until they were driven out by the Mamlukes in 1268. Jaffa alley. One of the zodiac alleys, lined with art galleries.
Mosque door. Classy. The Jaffa clock tower in Clock Square.
Clock tower was built in 1906. Another alleyway. The steps to get down to the harbor.

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