The Hanging Gardens of Haifa, officially known as the Terraces of the Baha'i Faith. 18 garden terraces, plus the terrace the shrine is on for a total of 19. Covers almost the entire height of Mount Carmel.
The ground level. Palm tree. The German Colony of Haifa is located below.
You're allowed to visit the first two terraces on your own. The only other terraces you can visit are the upper terraces, which require a guided tour. The Shrine of the Bab marks the halfway point up Mount Carmel. German colony building.
View from the top terrace. Mowing the lawn. It's a team effort.
Upper terrace plants. Switchbacks. Looking out onto the Port of Haifa.
Upper terraces. My curse of running into scaffolding continues to haunt me. Garden fountain.
Peacock statue. Lots of these around. Walking down to the next terrace.
Another upper terrace. The International Archives building. Getting close to the Shrine of the Bab, built in the 1890s.
The middle terrace that's home to the Shrine of the Bab. Looking back up to the top of where the tour started. Holds all the sacred items of the Baha'i faith.
The streets cut underneath the terraces. Stella Maris, a French church. Stella Maris interior.
View of the city at the foot of Mount Carmel. Haifa boardwalk. Cutting back up towards the train station from the boardwalk.
Haifa port facility. German colony building. Apprently there is a high demand for Domino's deliveries even though Domino's pizza sucks.
Structure along the boardwalk. IEC Building. Home to the Israel Electric Corporation.
Driving by Haifa. Cable car to the bottom of Mount Carmel from the Stella Maris church. Scenery of the train ride to Haifa.
Carmelit funicular station. The only subway in Israel - it only has six stations. It goes up Mount Carmel, which is pretty steep, so both the cars and the stations are stepped. Beats walking all the way up to the top.

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