The shore of the Sea of Galilee. Also known as Tiberias Lake. At 686 feet below sevel, it's the lowest freshwater lake on Earth and the second lowest lake on Earth after the Dead Sea.
Entering Capernaum, a small Roman fishing village where Jesus lived for awhile. All that's left of the village. Synagogue ruins where Jesus is thought to have taught.
Capernaum garden. A church outside the walls. The site overlooks the Sea of Galilee.
Statue of Peter the Apostle. Local trees. The magenta flowers were in bloom.
Church of the Multiplication. The place where the Bible claims Jesus fed 5,000 people with five loaves of bread and two fish. Mosaic floor.
The rock where Jesus stood when he blessed the bread and fish. Note the mosaic of fish and bread that looks nothing like bread. The Jordan River. On the banks of the river at Yardenit.
Gettin' baptised. Yardenit is a baptismal site where people spend an appalling amount of money in the gift shop. The banks of the Jordan.
The Mount of Beatitudes, where the Bible says Jesus delivered the Sermon of the Mount. A Roman Catholic Franciscan chapel on the Mount of Beatitudes. Sea of Galilee.
Driving through Galilee. Small town mosque. The architecture changes as you get closer to Tel Aviv.

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