Caesarea city walls, built by Crusaders in 1251 by Louis IX. Originally captured by the Crusaders in 1101, it was re-taken in 1187 by Saladin, re-re-taken by the Crusader in 1191, and later fortified by King Louis IX. But the walls didn't keep out Sultan Baybars and his Mamluke force, who conquered the city in 1265.. Main entrance gate.
Arched ceilings. Crusader wall ruins. Ruins of a Crusader church.
The Mosque of Caesarea Maritima. City ruins. A side entrance.
Caesarea beach, with the hippodrome on the right. Looking down the length of the hippodrome. The Roman theater.
Caesarea coastline. Roman aqueduct. Transitioning from a single arch to stacked double arches.

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