Fisherman's Bastion, on Castle Hill. Named after the fisherman's guild that was responsible for defending this stretch of wall during the Middle Ages. Originally built in the late 1890s, finished in 1902, and then rebuilt after it was severely damaged during WWII.
There are seven towers to represent the seven tribes of the Magyar that settled in Hungary in the 890s. Stephen I of Hungary Statues at one of the entryways.
The Hungarian Parliament Building View of the Chain Bridge from Fisherman's Bastion. Looking out over the Danube.
The Chain Bridge Buda Castle Matthias Fountain
Angel of War sculpture. Another statue on the castle grounds. Battle damage
Damage from real bullets during a firefight. Statue underneath the castle. Underneath Buda Castle.
Church on Castle Hill, but outside the castle grounds. Hungarian Parliament Buidling, seen from Castle Hill. It's the largest building in Hungary. Gothic Revival style, just like Westminster Abbey in London.
Gothic spires. Unfortunately, did not get to go inside. The Kossuth memorial honoring Lajos Kossuth, the former president of Hungary.
Attila Jozsef, Hungarian poet. Shoes on the Danube Promenade Memorial for the Jews that were killed in Budapest during WWII.
St. Stephen's Basilica Completed in 1905. Basilica interior
Service Basilica dome One of the bell towers.
View of the Parliament Building from St. Stephen's. By design, the two buildings are about the same height. Square in front of St. Stephen's. Budapest skyline
The Royal Palace on Castle Hill. Walking along the Chain Bridge. Guardian Lion on the Chain Bridge.
View upriver. Lots of churches. Hungarian Parliament Building
The Chain Bridge & St. Stephen's Basilica. Hungarian Parliament Building The River Danube
Buda Castle The Great Synagogue, aka the Dohany Street Synagogue. 3rd largest synagogue in Europe, and 5th largest in the world.
Szechenyi Public Bath Part of Vajdahunyad Castle, located in City Park. Church of Jak, on the Vajdahunyad Castle grounds.
The House of Terror, a museum about the Communist regime in Hungary. Entryway to the House of Terror, located in the former headquarters of the secret police. Cigar Tower
Street near my hostel. Yet another church. Pretty sure this was the exterior of my hostel.
Hungarian goulash. So good. Fried mushrooms.
Turul, a mythical bird.

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