Hong Kong at Night

Slideshow (Flickr)

View from Victoria Peak at night Central Hong Kong skyline Looking over towards Wan Chai and Causeway Bay area
Victoria Harbour Kowloon and Avenue of Stars, dead center in the photo International Commerce Centre, tallest building in Hong Kong, lit up in the upper left
Kowloon Central Hong Kong skyline View of Kowloon from the Convention Centre on Hong Kong Island
View of Kowloon from the Convention Centre on Hong Kong Island See those clouds covering the top of the International Commerce Centre? They took about two minutes to cross the harbor and turn into a torrential downpour, where you couldn't see across Victoria Harbour. Hong Kong Island skyline, see from Kowloon
Every night they do a lightshow involving buildings on both sides of the harbour, basically just a bunch of strobes Light show as seen from Avenue of Stars in Kowloon I think there was music playing over loudspeakers too
Victoria Harbour lightshow Victoria Harbour lightshow Central Hong Kong skyline
Two International Finance Centre Former Kowloon-Canton Railway Clock Tower Strange statue in Kowloon
Kowloon signs at night More neon signs, although if I had had another night I'm sure I could have got some better neon sign pictures. More neon
Hong Kong sex shop

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