Getting off the ferry at the Santorini dock.  If you look closely, you can see all the switchbacks that the buses had to navigate. View of Fira, Santorini's main town. Looking the other direction.
The caldera. High point of the town. Small harbor at the bottom of the cliffs.
Metropolitan Orthodox Cathedral in Fira. Pretty colorful interior. Decorated arch.
The cathedral dome. Donkey being harassed by a loud jackass. The Church of Timiou Stavrou in Perissa.  Built in the 1830s, but had to be rebuilt in the 1950s after it was destroyed during an earthquake.
Perissa Beach - the black sand beach. Perissa Beach cliffs. Yep, black sand.
Looking out over the water. Nice, umm... cliffs. The Church of Timiou Stavrou domes.
Full Moon Bar. The indian sign. Shot of the town built up right to the edge of the cliffs.
Fira at sunset. The caldera at sunset. Sunset picture with freaky mannequins.
Last sunset picture. One last shot down the cliffs. Fira alley.
Shopping street in Fira. Fira at night. Boats in the caldera.
Santorini cliffs. Looking out over Fira. Switchbacks down to a dock.
Santorini hostel.  Even the interior is blue and white. Watching LOST in Greek.

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