Mykonos campground patio. Paradise Beach, a 2 minute walk from the campground. The beach in the evening.
Mykonos windmills. Mykonos side street. Church.
Typical Mykonos building.  Everything is blue and white. Another side street. I love this architecture.
Looking across the harbor. Church near the harbor. Houses on the hill.
Petros the Pelican. Head shot. He was pretty cool.
Red church. White church. Blue church.
Side view of the white church. Wandering randomly through the side streets, trying to find my way up the hill. Mykonos Town.
Looking out over Mykonos Town. Ferry making the turn into Mykonos harbor. Mykonos apartments or hotels.
The Piraeus-Mykonos ferry, docked at Piraeus (the Athens harbor).

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