Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Street in Old Town. City Councilors' Tavern. The clock and the guys that come out when it strikes.
The Night Watchman's guided walking tour.  Don't listen to Rick Steves on this one.  The guy sucks. Fleisch und Tanzhaus (Meat and Dance Hall) and St. George's Fountain, on the edge of the Marketplatz (Market Square). St. George slaying the dragon.
The city walls. Walking along the wall. St. Jacob's Church in the background.
One of the Old Town main streets. Baumeisterhaus.  The statues between the windows are the seven virtues and the seven vices. View looking out from the town.
Inside the Church of St. Jacob. Altar of the Holy Blood. Picture with some old guy to get a sense of scale.  Pretty damn impressive.
The High Altar (aka The Twelve Apostles Altar), created in 1446. Walking through Old Town. The night entrance, after the gate was closed.
City entrance. The face out of which city defenders could pour out hot oil. Rothenburg's backyard.
Old Town One of the entrances into Old Town. More of the city wall.
Schneeball.  Basically fried dough. Outside the Medieval Crime & Punishment Museum. Crown and sceptre.
Shame masks. Double Neck Violin.
"With six holes, this was meant for two quarrelsome women.  On the spot they were locked into it until they got along with each other."
More shame masks. Chastity belts. Probably my favorite shame mask.
Masc of Shame.
"In the shape of a wolf's head for men who had telled smutty jokes."
Trunk locking mechanism. Executioner's mask.
This would have been my weapon of choice.

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