The Rhine Valley

The town of St. Goar. Burg Rheinfels.
Constructed in 1245 by Count Diether V.
View of the Rhine from the castle.
Catapult ammo. Shot from the highest tower of Burg Rheinfels.  It's the largest castle on the Rhine. Looking out into the countryside.
More castle ruins. Exterior passageway. Main entrance/courtyard.
In the cellar. Castle upriver on the hill. Remnants of the walls.  Partially destroyed in 1797 by French Revolutionary troops.
Best.  Urinal.  Ever. Castle on the other side of the river. Main street in St. Goar.
First sight on the St. Goar-Bacharach cruise down the Rhine. Looking back at St. Goar. Burg Katz, built in 1371 by Count Wilhelm II.
Approaching the Loreley. The Loreley. ~350 feet tall, and marks the narrowest part of the Rhine. The narrowest part of the river.
Halfway point on the cruise. Train going into a tunnel. Random town on the Rhine.
Hilltop castle. Vineyards. More castle ruins.
Burg Pfalzgrafenstein, located on Falkenau Island in the middle of the Rhine. It was basically a toll booth.  It would raise a chain tied to the other riverbank that would force ships to stop and pay. Street in Bacharach.
Stahleck Castle.  It's been converted into a hostel (I didn't stay there). Downtown Bacharach.  Seriously.

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