Walking from the hauptbahnhof to Marienplatz. Demon getting stabbed in the throat. The Neues Rathaus.  The Glockenspiel was being renovated at the time.
First of countless Munich beers. Neues Rathaus at night. Close-up of the Rathaus-Glockenspiel.  It was night, so the picture sucks.
Marienplatz at night. The Hofbrauhaus. The band.
Dark beer. Light beer. Meat and potatos.
Skinny asian dude as a waiter in the Hofbrauhaus?  Seriously? Hofbrauhaus stein. Church across the river from the Deutsches Museum.
River outisde the Deutsches Museum. Deutsches Museum entrance.  One of my favorite museums of the entire trip. The electricity room.
The aerospace room. Messerschmitt fighter plane. Another German fighter plane.
Idiot. Rocket car. The back of the rocket car.
Space monkey. View from the Deutsches Museum. Death clock.
Visual representation of the history of the universe. Spiral slide rule. The ENIGMA machine, a cipher machine used during WWII.
Multiplikator. An early computer. They had an entire room devoted to models of bridges.

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