Stade de la Mosson.
U.S.A. vs. Tonga Rugby World Cup
Pool A match.  Tonga won 25-15.
Distance from my seat to the field. Death Star gunner station.
Tongan player. U.S.A. Eagles. Mike MacDonald, he scored a try in this match.
Tongan warm-ups. Eagles team photo. Line out practice.
More line out practice. Scrum warm-ups. Rucking drill.
U.S. national anthem. Tongan national anthem. The Kailao - the Tongan war dance.
Line out. Eagles on defense. Scrum.
Kicking for points. Another line out. Eagles on offense.
Tonga scores. Eagles receiving a kick. Tongans on defense.
Tongan scrum. Tongans on offense. Game over.
Handshakes. Walking back to the locker room. Hanging out in downtown Montpellier watching another World Cup match.

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