Approaching the harbor on the ferry from Tallinn. View of the Uspenski Cathedral tower. Uspenski Cathedral.  Built in the 1860s.
It's the largest orthodox church in Western Europe. Havis Amanda bronze statue. View of Uspenski Cathedral from the marina.
Helsinki Lutheran Cathedral. It overlooks Senate Square. View of Senate Square.
Esplanadin puisto. The Three Blacksmiths statue. Temppeliaukio Church entrance.
The church is actually built into the side of the hill.  The church organ is located against the wall. View of the rock wall. View of the copper roof.
There are no bells - a recording of bells is played over loudspeakers when necessary. Sometimes referred to as the Anti-Devil Defense Bunker. Sibelius Monument, build to honor a Finnish composer, Jean Sibelius.
Jean Sibelius.  Added as an afterthought because nobody had any idea what in the hell the monument was supposed to represent. 24 tons of metal pipes. Looking up.
Helsinki train station. Market building by the harbor. Trailing the Suomenlinna ferry.
One of the overnight ferries to Stockholm, Sweden. Island in Helsinki harbor. Approaching Suomenlinna Fortress.
Suomenlinna harbor. The tomb of Augustin Ehrensvard, who designed most of Suomenlinna Fortress. One of the coolest tombs of the trip.
Popular picnic spot for locals. Swimming spot. Hobbiton.
Sunset on the overnight ferry. Ferry berth. Ferry pub with live music.

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