St. Nicholas' Church. Old Town market square. Town hall.
Locals in costume. Broken arch that serves as a memorial to the couple hundred people that died when a ferry sunk. Other end of the arch.
Medieval fortifications. Medieval skybridge. Entrance through the old city walls.
St. Olav's Church. Really needs some restoration. Hell Hunt, Tallinn's first pub.
Wandering through Old Town. No idea what it is, but it's got a cool exterior. Great Guild Hall, home of the Estonian History Museum.
Church of the Holy Spirit. Typical Old Town street. Market square, lined with restaurants.
The only brewery in Tallinn.  Also the only place where you can get beer that isn't horrible.  (Local Estonian beer sucks horribly) Walking up to the top of Toompea hill. Near the top of the hill.
Part of Toompea Castle. Downtown Tallinn skyline. St. Nicholas' Church tower.
Toompea Castle grounds. Guard tower on the city wall. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.
Looking up. With street musicians to get a sense of scale. Entryway.
Damn restoration. Telling everyone to fuck off. Probably another government building on Toompea Hill.
Riigikogu, the Estonian Parliament building.  Not sure why you would want to paint your parliament building pink. Riigikogu grounds. View from Toompea Hill.
Tallinn harbor in the distance, where you catch the ferry to Finland. View from the Tallinn high point. Old Town Tallinn.
Tallinn side street. Rear of Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. Transition from Old Town to modern.
Open-air market. Viru Gate. Waking up to a parade when you're really hungover isn't great.
The Youth & Song Music Festival. Seemed like every kid in the country was participating in this.

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