Damn Brits and their crazy sports. A gate in the old city wall. View from inside the wall.
Trying to get a picture of York Minster. That's a less than ideal placement for a big tree. The best clear shot I could get. St. Michael le Belfrey Church.  The church where Guy Fawkes was baptised.
The largest Gothic cathedral in northern Europe. York Minster transcept. View of the towers from the street.
The Kings of England. King Edward I (aka Edward the Longshanks, the guy from Braveheart). Close-up of Edward I.
York Minster interior. Stained glass and domed ceiling. "In memory of 13 officers and 360 men 84th (or York and Lancaster) Regt who fell in the service of their country during the mutiny and rebellion in India in the years 1857, 58, 59."
One last shot of the guy, since supposedly he's my ancestor. The Shambles, a medieval street. Roof statues designed to scare off birds.
The birthplace of Guy Fawkes. The Shambles during the day. Side view of St. Michael le Belfrey Church.
Clifford's Tower.  All that's left of the castle built by William the Conqueror. Close up of the tower. Monument in a city park near the minster.
Walking along the city walls. Wall marker. View of York Minster from the city walls.
Old city walls meet new city streets.

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