Hadrian's Wall

View of Housesteads from the bottom of the hill. Vercovicium
(Housesteads Roman Fort)
Construction started in 124 A.D.
Looking back into what would have been friendly Roman territory.
Ruins of the granary.  The pillars kept the floor raised and the food dry. More ruins. The reason why you have to look down while walking near Housesteads.
Looking out into enemy territory. Milecastle 37.  There was a milecastle every Roman mile along the wall, and two guard towers between each milecastle. The wall took 8 years to build, and was built by soldiers from the occupying Roman legions under orders from Emperor Hadrian.
The wall is 73.5 miles long (80 Roman miles) and when it was built, it was 16 to 20 feet high and 10 feet wide. This part of the wall was started in 122 A.D.  Vercovicium was started a few years later. Lake at the foot of the wall.
Finally getting to walk downhill. Lots of elevation changes.










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