Santo Domingo

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Fortaleza Ozama Castle built by the Spanish in the 16th century Construction was finished in 1505, making it the oldest European military structure in the Americas
Dominican Republic flag Fort walls Torre del Homenaje, the main tower
Entrance down to Los Tres Ojos, a series of lakes in open-roof caverns Los Tres Ojos Los Tres Ojos
Faro a Colon
aka Columbus Lighthouse
A huge monument for Christopher Columbus, built in 1986 and finished in 1992 at a cost of $70 million USD View of downtown Santo Domingo from the Faro a Colon
Inside the monument Total length is 680 ft The mausoleum
The mausoleum that claims to house remains of Christopher Columbus, but there's some controversy over that DNA testing has verified Columbus remains in the cathedral in Seville, Spain No DNA testing has been done on the remains here, so it's possible that it's Columbus as well. But it hasn't been verified with DNA.
I think the issue of the remains is a touchy subject, so I'm just deferring to Wikipedia on this one Christopher Columbus Chirstopher Columbus statue
Parque Colon, with Catedral Santa Maria La Menor in the background Inside Catedral Santa Maria La Menor, the oldest cathedral in the Americas Construction began in 1512 and was finished in 1540
Crypt inside the cathedral Side chapel Gothic architecture
La Zone Colonia street Ruinas de San Francisco Construction in La Zona Colonial
The National Palace Alcazar de Colon Old city walls
Alcazar de Colon, built between 1510 and 1512 to be the governor's mansion Now it's a museum with not a lot of original items, given that it was sacked by Sir Francis Drake in 1586 The seal of Christopher Columbus
Carved wooden cabinet Carved wooden cabinet 16th century armor
View of the Ozama River from the Alcazar de Colon Calle las Damas, the oldest paved street in the Americas The National Pantheon, which was originally a Jesuit church
Changing of the guard Changing of the guard Roof of the National Pantheon
National Pantheon National Pantheon National Pantheon, the resting place for some of the most famous citizens of the Dominican Republic
Dominican electrician More 16th century ruins Statue outside the Museo del Hombre Dominicano
Landing of Christopher Columbus Mural inside the museum Carnival masks
Carnival mask Carnival masks Carnival mask
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