Carnaval Vegano Costumes

La Vega, Dominican Republic

Slideshow (Flickr)

If you're afraid of clowns, don't go to La Vega Colorful dress
Attacking with a vejiga, basically a hard rubber football on the end of a rope Back during the original carnivals in the 1500s, the vejigas were pig skins sewn up and filled with rocks or seeds
Prayer time Indian Indian
I didn't find out until the day I went that for this last day (that took place on Independence Day) that most of the people march unmasked. I imagine that if I had gone earlier in the month, most of these people might have had masks on. I'll find out next year when I go back.
Wielding a whip
King of carnaval
Not sure what the deal is with the birds
Got beer? Armed with a vejiga
Evil clowns

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