Carnaval Vegano

La Vega, Dominican Republic

Slideshow (Flickr)

Carnaval Vegano, held in La Vega La Vega was host to the first carnaval in the Americas, which took place in 1520
Fidel Castro guest appearance
Dominican flag
Un tiznao, representing the African slaves that were brought to the Dominican Republic
Little bastard actually hit me Fidel again
Pretty sure he was an actual solider providing security
Un tiznao
Un travesti
If you go to Carnaval in La Vega, all the costumed characters have vejigas they use to smack people in the ass. These girls are trying to play defense.
The sound system
Roba la Gallina
Breakdancer Slow shutter speed + trippy costume
The king of Carnaval Battling with whips
The queen of Carnival

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