View from my hostel room. Copenhagen City Hall. Town square.
The golden weather girls.  If the girl with the bike was on display, then it was sunny.  The other girl has an umbrella and was on display when it was cloudy. Now it's broke, so it's stuck at the halfway point. Fountain in the city center.
Hans Christian Andersen. One of the weird cow statues that seem to be scattered across the city. Norman knight maybe?
Danish canal. Christiansborg Palace. Borsen.  Used to be the site of the Danish Stock Exchange until 1974.
Nikolaj Church. Canal tour. Some weird sculpture garden in the middle of nowhere.
The crowd at the Little Mermaid viewing area. View from the water.  It's pretty close to the shore, which is probably why it's been vandalized so often. Little Mermaid Statue.
Built in 1909 by Carl Jacobsen, the founder of the Carlsberg Brewery. Close-up. Lots of boats in Copenhagen.
The Vor Frelsers Kirke spire. Low bridge! Nikolaj church spire on the right.
Borsen spire in the distance.  It's supposed to be dragon tails intertwined. Rosenborg Castle. The entrance to Rosenborg Castle.
Wind farm. Park area near the Little Mermaid. Gefion fountain.  That's Gefjon driving the chariot.
Random church. Cheap David knock-off. Boats docked along the side of the canal.
Vor Frelsers Kirke - the Church of Our Saviour. There's a rumor that the spire designer killed himself by jumping from the top because the spire spiralled the wrong way.  It's not true. Christiania - the "free living community".  Translation: Hippies.
The last picture I could take before entering the no camera zone. Graffiti to celebrate getting rid of the IV users.  Clearly, weed is still fine. Another Christiania mural.
Tivoli Gardens, an amusement park that opened in 1843. Freaky looking statue. Tivoli Gardens at night.
Music stage in the background. Runestone. Full body costume.
Mask - I forget where it's from. Samurai helmet. Mechanical clock.
Wooden carving of St. George and the dragon.  It was a pretty cool carving. Side view. Drinking horns.
The Danes take their museum displays extremely seriously. Egypt statue. Egyptian statue of Horus.

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