Looking across the Vltava at Prague Castle. Tyn Church. Town Hall tower.
St. Nicholas' Church on the Old Town square. Old Town square. Tyn Church clock tower.
Another shot of the Town Hall tower.  The astronomical clock is to the left, around the corner. 27 crosses, a memorial to the 27 rebellion leaders who were executed by Emperor Matthias. The astronomical clock.
Astronomical dial on top, calendar on the bottom. Astronomical dial. The figures that put on a show at the top of the hour.
Death. The crowd gathering to watch the clock strike. View of Prague from the observation deck of the Town Hall tower.
Tyn Church and the Old Town square. View of St. Nicholas' Church. Looking at the Mala Strana area.
Prague Castle. Some churches off in the distance. Old Town bridge tower.
Statue of Charles IV. View of Prague Castle from across the Vltava river. St. Norbert, St. Wenceslas, and St. Sigismund.
Petting the dog supposedly brings you good luck. Another good luck bronze sculpture. John of Nepomuk statue.
Statuary of the Holy Crucifix and Cavalry. Another Charles Bridge statue. St. John the Baptist.
Walking on the Charles Bridge. View downriver. Mala Strana bridge tower.
St. Nicholas' Church in Mala Strana. Large open courtyard outside the Prague Castle entrance gates. Prague Castle entrance gate.
St. Vitus Cathedral, on the Prague Castle grounds. Inside St. Vitus Cathedral. Stained glass.
More stained glass. Cathedral altar. The tomb of John of Nepomuk.
Looking towards the back of the cathedral. Each section was an individual portrait.  Pretty cool. Last stained glass shot.
The granite obelisk is a WWI memorial. Side view of the cathedral. The back of St. Vitus Cathedral.
Cool roof in one of the side buildings. Coat-of-arms. St. George's Basilica, also on the Prague Castle grounds.
I love this shield. Axe-guns.  Sweet. Really weird sculpture.  The back was anatomically correct.
A government building right outside Prague Castle. The Loreta, a pilgrimage place in Mala Strana. Changing of the guard.
Church near the castle district. Petrin Hill, with a fake Eiffel Tower at the top (the Petrin lookout tower). Mala Strana square.
The Lennon Wall, in Mala Strana. Random fact - the wall is owned by the Knights of the Maltese Cross (formerly the Knights Hospitaller). Layer on layer of graffiti.
What Lennon would have looked like with a yellow mustache. Approaching the Charles Bridge from Mala Strana. Another shot of the Old Town bridge tower.  Built in 1380, it was damaged in 1648 by a bunch of Swedes trying to invade Old Town.
The Old Jewish Cemetary in Josefov, the old Jewish ghetto. More tombstones. View from my hostel.
Prague Castle at night. Another shot, with the Charles Bridge. The National Museum at the end of Wenceslas Square.
Wenceslas Square, seen from the steps of the National Museum. A sculpture in a shopping mall. I have no idea what the hell is going on. Charles Bridge, with Prague Castle in the background.
Looks like this belongs in Lord of the Rings. Walking along the Vltava. Swans.
Prague Dancing House
(aka the Fred & Ginger Building).
Side view.  It was supposed to be a cultural center, but ended up turning into an office building with a restaurant on top. Random church.
Random church. Building near Charles Bridge on the Old Town side of the river. My room in Prague.  I think it was 35 or 40 USD per night.
The rest of the room.

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