Cesky Krumlov

Walking from the train station to the town center. Town square. Backyards.
View from the town below. The river running by the castle. Castle buildings.
The Vltava River that cuts through the town. Rafting on the Vltava River. St. Vitus Church on the right.
The town below the castle hill. View from the castle gardens. The castle gardens.
Fountain on the castle garden grounds. River bend. The castle tower.
The bears that live at the castle. St. Vitus Church. St. Jost Church, below the castle.
Side street. Castle bridge spanning a gap in the hill. Cesky Krumlov Castle.
View of the castle from the Vltava. Weird looking clock. Castle courtyard.
The Vltava River. Kayak staging area. 0.2 L of Coke for 30 Kc.
0.5 L of Eggenberg beer for 24 Kc.
Hooray for the Czech Republic.

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