Walking from the guesthouse down to Old Town. The one drawback to the guesthouse.  20 minutes of walking uphill from the Old Town. Bokar Fortress.  Built in the 1460s.
Harbor by Bokar Fortress. The Pile Gate. The garden just outside the Pile Gate.
St. Blasius' Church. St. Blasius, holding the city of Dubrovnik in his left hand. Onofrio's Fountain.
Residential area outside the town walls. The Pile Gate. The Stradun, Dubrovnik's main street.
The Stradun on the left. Faded roofs are original.  The bright red roofs mean the roof was destroyed during the bombardment and had to be rebuilt. High point of Old Town.
The city was built right up to the edge of the cliffs.  It's pretty incredible. The hills above Old Town.  You're not supposed to walk in the area because not all the mines have been found from the 1991 war against the Yugoslav People's Army. Harbor between Bokar Fortress (on the right) and Fort Lovrijenac.
View of Lokrum from the city walls. Palm trees. Dubrovnik harbor.
Buildings just outside Old Town. Dubrovnik side street. Old Town, with Lokrum in the background.
Velika Gospa, the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin. Old Town. Buildings near the Pile Gate.
Fortress Minceta at sunset. Map of the bombed locations. Orlando's Column.
Digital clock. Always nice to see artillerymen get some credit. Looking north from the city walls.
Looking down the city walls. Not a bad place to hang out. Divers.
Fort Lovrijenac on the hill. Looking south down the coast. Parking outside Old Town.  No cars are allowed inside.
Crusaders? Bombardment ruins turned into a garden. Parking outside Old Town.  No cars are allowed inside.
Eastern section of the city walls. Approaching Fortress Minceta, finished in 1464. Restaurant near the harbor.
Dubrovnik marina. View of Fortress St. Ivan, seen while leaving the harbor en route to Lokrum. View from the ferry to Lokrum.
Lokrum harbor. This is what passes for a beach. Swimmin' hole - Mrtvo More.
Another view of Mrtvo More. Hiking around the island. Memorial cross on the trail.
Ruins near Forte Royale on the top of the hill. View of Dubrovnik from the top of the hill on Lokrum. View of Lokrum from the highest point.
Inside Forte Royale, a fortress built by the French in the early 1800s. Sunset. Villa Klaic Guesthouse.
The patio, where you can hang out with the owners drinking beer and watching soccer in the evening. View from the guesthouse. Guesthouse room.
View from the top of the stairs. Side entrance. The pool.

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