San Jose

Slideshow (Flickr)

Museo Nacional, which was formerly a fort The mountains that surround San Jose Local merchant
Chinatown gate Church in downtown Red & blue
Streetsweeper statue Strange costumed dancers Just randomly dancing down Avenida Central
Prancing Dracula & Frankenstein Not sure if these guys were related to Festival de la Luz, or just doing it for fun
Parque Central Downtown church Inside the church
Jade Museum Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Ceramics
Creepy statues hehe Apparently if used to be a fad to file notches into your teeth...
Ceramic Battle trophies A school downtown
Downtown graffiti Downtown graffiti Downtown graffiti
View of downtown from the Museo Nacional Carved bone at the Museo Nacional Teatro Nacional
Pigeons in Parque Central Downtown church Estadio Nacional, completed in 2011
La Sabana Park The lagoon at the park Squirrel!
(Poas Volcano)
Hiked up to the lagoon, and got the same view. Good use of half a day... Definitely going back there next time I'm in Costa Rica Mushrooms on Poas Volcano, which apparently have no trouble growing thanks to all the clouds and rain...

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