Slideshow (Flickr)

Agouti Coati Agouti
Resplendent quetzal sighting The male has the bright blue feathers and red chest Sighting aren't exactly common
View of the male's chest Spider Leaf cutter ants
View from Monteverde near sunset Even the trees are dangerous Sleeping bird
Female quetzal sighting Notice the feathers aren't nearly as brightly colored as the male Female quetzal
Tarantula Heliconia Rainforest flower
Monteverde cloud forest Female quetzal Monteverde cloud forest
Lizard A pack of coatis at night Coati
Bananas, I guess? Wasp nest Rainforest tree
Agouti Don't eat... Inside a cocoa bean
Coffee beans out to dry What a coffee bean looks like while still on the plant Coffee plant flower
View from the road to Monteverde View from the road to Monteverde Near sunset
Cala Lodge

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