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Hourglass tree frog Frog seen on a night walk through the rainforest Tree snake
Coral snake (poisonous) Coral snake (poisonous) Frog
Two green-eyed tree frogs having sex Too busy to realize dinner is nearby Hourglass tree frog
Hourglass tree frog Tree snake Frog
Dink frog, he was really tiny Frog disguised as a leaf Might be called a wet forest toad
Me: Hey, there's a snake
Fer-de-lance, the most dangerous snake in Costa Rica Frog
Smoky jungle frog Frog Huge cricket
Tree snake Not sure what this is... Frog
Stick bug Stick bug Pit viper hanging out on a tree
Volcan Arenal, it used to erupt all the time but it's been dormant for the past year or so Clouds cleared from the top for about ten minutes the entire time I was there If it ever starts erupting again, I'm hopping on a flight back to Costa Rica
Lake Arenal Coati Coati
This is what Volcan Arenal looked like most of the time I was there Close-up of the volcano slope Tabacon Hot Springs, a fancy natural spa near the volcano
Toucan hiding in the trees Rainforest hike Toucan
Rainforest trees Lake Arenal Vines starting to envelop the healthy tree
Butterfly Red spots are only visible when looking at the bottom of leaf, from the top it looks like a normal leaf Butterfly
Waterfall Another waterfall Hiking below the waterfalls
No idea... Volcan Arenal Taking the ferry as part of the trip from La Fortuna to Monteverde
Weather was a lot better on the other side of the lake

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