Mesa Verde National Park

Cliff Palace. Built by the Pueblos in the late 1100s and early 1200s, it's the largest cliff dwelling in North America. Dwelling was abandoned by 1300. Cause is up for debate, but likely due to extended draughts.
Around 150 rooms make up the dwelling. Those structures up against the roof of the cliff were used to stored food. Only able to tour it on guided tours. This was the first tour of the day, so we got to see it empty.
Was home to about 100 people. Constructed from sandstone, along with wooden beams and mortar. Just ruins now. Would have been more complete when it was in use.
Balcony House. The reason for the name should be obvious. Only accessible with a ranger guided tour. Wildfires occasionally rip across the mesa.
Spruce Tree House. Easy hike from the Archeological Museum. The 3rd largest dwelling in the park.
1st floor rooms. Two story structure. Step House.
Inside Step House, not very well preserved. Long House. Foundations of some of the Long House structures.
Close-up of the sandstone and mortar construction. Touring Long House. Structure following the contour of the cliff.

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