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The Beisi Pagoda in the Bao'en Temple Nine stories, 249 ft tall In China, they base ticket prices on height instead of age
Painted map of the Master of the Nets Garden Famous tiger painting at the Master of the Nets Garden Apparently if you can cross that bridge in 3 steps, it's good luck. So you get to watch all these 65+ retirees who couldn't take the bridge in six steps try to cross it in three.
Master of the Nets Garden, construction started in 1140 Master of the Nets Garden Mosaic at the Master of the Nets Garden
Bao'en Temple grounds Bridge over a Suzhou canal Honesty is important
Suzhou city gate Suzhou city wall Water gate through the city wall
Suzhou canal Suzhou canal Silk worms
Sorting the silk worm cocoons Soaking the cocoons and then unraveling them to produce silk thread Coiling the silk thread
Multiple cocoons feed one thread

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