Half Dome Hike

Yosemite National Park

The trailhead, at 4:40 AM. The following pics are presented in chronological order. Total hiking distance was about 16 miles with 4,800 feet elevation gain. Merced River Merced River flowing below Vernal Fall
Vernal Fall, 317 ft tall Steps that make up part of the Mist Trail Mist Trail
Robin View of Nevada Fall from the Mist Trail Mist Trail steps
Nevada Fall, 594 ft tall Sun starting to hit the valley Mist Trail
At the top of Nevada Fall, 6:45 AM Merced River View from the path through Little Yosemite Valley
New permit system this year. I entered the lottery for my first two days at the park, and was able to get a permit both days. Ended up doing the hike on the second day due to better weather. The climb up from Little Yosemite Valley Deer ambushing me on the trail
Ran away pretty quickly Trail from Little Yosemite Valley to the subdome Continuing the climb...
2 miles to the top More steps... The goal is in sight
Leaving the forest View from the subdome Hiking up the subdome
Quarter Domes Subdome switchbacks The granite steps on the subdome
More granite steps View up Tenaya Canyon Finally, the cables are in sight
The infamouse Half Dome cables that help you ascend the last 400 ft View from the foot of the cables Early start paid off - hardly any people on the way up
Starting the climb Trying to give a perspective of how steep it is Looking down...
View of the subdome Almost at the top Me and my absolutely necessary leather gloves at the top. Made it to the top at 10:50 AM.
I usually hate posing for photos, but I figured I earned this one Me standing on the visor Another shot on the visor
Half Dome denizen Yosemite Valley Shot of the drop off from the visor
Tenaya Canyon The flat top of Half Dome Yosemite Valley
That might be Sunrise Creek Liberty Cap Snow
The top of Half Dome Peering over the edge Layered rock
Tenaya Canyon Tenaya Canyon People on the top
Yosemite Valley Going back down after spending an hour and a half at the top. The steel cable
Tight squeeze to get past someone going the other way Me at the base of the cables The pile of free gloves at the base of the cables. I'd still recommend bringing your own pair though.
Got to the bottom of the cables to hike back down around 12:40 PM. Still not that crowded. New permit system seems to work. Final view from the subdome Would not want to hike down the subdome when it's raining. That granite can get slick.
Final view of Half Dome The trail back down to Little Yosemite Valley Pretty big rattlesnake
Shot of the rattle The trail through Little Yosemite Valley, the only flat part on the entire hike. Merced River in Little Yosemite Valley
The top of Nevada Fall Merced River above Nevada Fall Nevada Fall
View going down the Mist Trail Nevada Fall Merced River flowing into the Emerald Pool above Vernal Fall
Squirrel Hanging out on the Mist Trail The top of Vernal Fall
How the Mist Trail got the name. If I do it again, I'm definitely going back down the John Muir Trail, not the Mist Trail... Vernal Fall Vernal Fall

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