Bumpass Hell

Lassen Volcanic National Park

The trail to Bumpass Hell 3 miles roundtrip View of Lassen Peak from the trail, including the Vulcan's Eye lava formation near the top of the peak.
View of Bumpass Hell and the boardwalk system Bumpass Hell has the highest concentration of hydrothermal features wihtin the national park. Fumarole, a hot gas vent
Bumpass Hell is named after Kendall Bumpass, a cowboy who was exploring the area in the 1860s when his leg broke through the crust and was scalded by the hot water. His story generated some interest, so a newspaper editor convinced Bumpass to guide him back to the area. This time Bumpass' leg broke through the crust again, and he ended up having it amputated. More fumaroles
Boiling mudpots Sulfur coloring the ground Boiling mudpot
Hot spring Fumaroles Walking through a hydrogen sulfide plume (hydroge sulfide has the rotten egg smell)
Bumpass Hell terrain Hydrogen sulfide vent All of this area is driven by volcanic heat three miles beneath the surface
Hot spring Another hot spring Sun hitting a fumarole
Love the colors More colors Big Boiler fumarole
Boiling mudpot Fumarole Big Boiler fumarole
Turquoise water

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