Kings Canyon National Park

The road through Kings Canyon National Park Kings Canyon National Park,
established in 1940
The Kings River flowing through Kings Canyon
View of the canyon that was carved out by glaciers, similar to how Yosemite was formed Another fork of the Kings River Kings Canyon Scenic Byway hugging the right-hand face of the canyon
Kings River Kings River Kings River
Grizzly Falls Kings River Kings River flowing through Kings Canyon
Canyon walls Looking down Kings Canyon Canyon walls
Roaring River Falls Granite canyon walls Kings River
Getting late in the day Sun going down National park boundary sign
Sun setting Sunset Sequoias
Even though Kings Canyon National Park is adjacent to Sequoia National Park, Kings Canyon still gets to claim a Sequoia grove within its boudaries Sequoia General Grant Tree
Walking through the General Grant Grove General Grant Tree, the second largest tree in the world. 267 ft tall and nearly 30 ft across near the base. Photos can't convey how incredibly big these trees are
Seriously. They're big. Hollowed out trunk due to fire damage General Grant Grove
People next to the trunk for a sense of scale General Grant Grove General Grant Grove
General Grant Grove Fire damage Hiking the North Grove Loop
North Grove Loop trail Close-up of the Sequoia bark. It's really spongy. North Grove Loop
That can't be stable North Grove Loop trail North Grove Loop trail
Split sequoia Huge trunk Another split sequoia
Joined at the hip General Grant Tree parking area Viewpoint along the Kings Canyon Scenic Byway
View from Panoramic Point A lot of what you see in this picture is actually Giant Sequoia National Monument Hume Lake
Surrounding peaks View from Panoramic Point Fire watch tower
Hume Lake Pretty cloudy the first day, but cleared up the second day Hume Lake in the shadows

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