Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua trees at sunset Sunset A Joshua tree, which is really a large yucca.
Rocks near White Tank campground Arch Rock Arch Rock
Joshua trees were named by Mormon settlers, who thought the trees reminded them of the Bible where Joshua reaches up to the sky. Joshua tree forest They can live for hundreds of years
Near Cap Rock Hidden Valley More rock formations
Rocks near Hidden Valley Joshua tree Hidden Valley
Hiking the Skull Rock trail Skull Rock Rocks just off the Skull Rock trail
Skull Rock Skull Rock Cactus spines
Hiking the Skull Rock trail Bunny! Scared him away
More cool looking rocks Joshua tree View near Barker Dam
Joshua tree Skull Rock trail Skull Rock trail
Barker Dam trail Joshua tree forest The main road through the park
Joshua tree forest Park road Giant nolina spines
Cap Rock Oasis of Mara Fan palm
Keys view Palm tree Palm tree
Cholla cactus garden Cholla cactus Cholla cactus garden
Cholla cacti Also called the jumping cholla, since the spines come off really easily if you brush against it.

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