Church of St. Nedelya. Originally built in the 10th century, it was completely destroyed in 1925 and rebuilt in the 1930s. Sculpture in downtown Sofia.
Banya Bashi mosque. Mosque main entrance. Sofia Synagogue.
This is the kind of shit I had to decode, because all my guidebooks had the English street names, and all the street signs had the Cyrillic writing.  It was a pain in the ass. Mineral baths. Battenberg Square.
St. Sofia. Russian Church of St. Nikolai. The front porch, with a picture of St. Nicholas over the door.
Weird sculpture near Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. Close-up shot of the tower.
Tower is 50 meters high.  Houses 12 bells with a combined weight of 32 tons. The cathedral was built in the early 1900s to honor the soliders that died during the Russo-Turkish War. Has a 5,000 person capacity.
Monument to the Tsar Liberator.  That's the russian Emeperor Alexander II on the horse, who freed Bulgaria from Ottoman rule in the 1870s during the Russo-Turkish War. War monument. Sculpture at the base of the monument.
Charging soldiers. Angled view. Another scene on the opposite side.
Another angled view. The National Palace of Culture. Sculpture on the grounds of the National Palace of Culture.
Sneaky bastard. I think he just woke up from behind the dish rack. Stray cats on the kitchen counter can't be sanitary.
Stray cats hanging out outside the hostel. Otter statue.

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