Iguazu Falls

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Iguazu Falls, a set of upper and lower falls created by the Iguazu River that serves as the border between Brazil and Argentina The incredibly creative name Iguazu means "Big Water" Salto Rivadavia
The Brazilian side gives you panoramic views of the falls, while the Argentine side gives you more close-up views of the water coming over the falls The j-hook end of the falls that can really only be seen from the Brazilian side Rainbow
Boardwalk accessed from the Brazilian side Garganta do Diablo
(Devil's Throat)
Water coming through the Devil's Throat
Iguazu River Devil's Throat, 269 ft high Rainbow
Devil's Throat observation deck Devil's Throat Boardwalk accessed from the Brazilian side
Devil's Throat Devil's Throat Looking over into Argentina
Don't feed the rabies-infested coatis Coati raiding a garbage can Coati
Hotel das Cataratas on the Brazilian side, the only hotel in the national park. I think it's $300 or $400 a night. There's also a Sheraton on the Argentine side for about the same price. One of the lower falls Salto Bossetti
Isla San Martin in the foreground Salto Bossetti and the boardwalk accessed from the Argentine side Iguazu Falls can be broken up into 150-300 smaller waterfalls (depending on water level), which is different from Victoria Falls in Africa which is one sheet of water
Devil's Throat Devil's Throat Devil's Throat
Water at the Devil's Throat Looking across the Devil's Throat from the Brazilian side Devil's Throat
Boat tour near Salto Bossetti Looking up river Salto Bossetti
I think this is Salto Tres Mosqueteros Iguazu River The crystal clear waters of the Iguazu River
Isla San Martin on the left Argentine boardwalk Split up into several smaller falls
Upper falls Lower falls Devil's Throat
Devil's Throat Lower falls Rapids
Isla San Martin View from the Argentine side of the falls Unfortunately the photos are kinda shit since it was pretty cloudy that day and my good camera died (Error 70!), so I had to use the small point and shoot I took backpacking through Europe with me back in 2007
View over the edge of Salto Bossetti View from the Argentine side of the falls Not sure how this water volume compares to an average month. I know that half the trails on the Argentine side were still closed due to prior flood damage.
Boat tour Over the edge... Started pouring rain just as I was walking out of the park this morning, good timing for me
Back to photos from the Brazilian side, pre-camera death Upper falls Devil's Throat
Upper and lower Iguazu Falls

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