Jesuitenkirche (Jesuit Church), also known as Universitatskirche (University Church). Built in the 1620s, but was redesigned in 1703. Hofburg Imperial Palace. Vienna's Mozart statue, located right next to Hofburg Palace.
Hofburg Palace exterior. Fountain near Hofburg Palace. Downtown Vienna.
St. Stephen's Cathedral (Stephansdom).  Built in the 12th century.  Currently the seat of the archbishop of Vienna. Inside St. Stephen's Cathedral. View of the ceiling.
More of Hofburg Palace. Schloss Shonbrunn. The Schonbrunn gardens, with the Gloriette on top of the hill.
Fountain in the gardens. Schonbrunn's backyard. Behind a fountain waterfall.
Vienna park. Main entrance to Hofburg Palace.  Birthplace of Marie Antoinette. Gold plate and pitcher.  Located in the Hofburg Palace Tresury (the Schatzkammer).
The Spear of Destiny (also known as the Holy Lance) that supposedly stabbed Jesus when he was crucified. 429 carat aquamarine gem. Narwhal tusk.  At the time, everyone thought it was a unicorn horn.
Statues on the roof of the Prunksaal, the Hofburg Palace library.  Atlas is on the left, holding up a globe. Prunksaal courtyard. Athena riding on a quadriga.
One of a series of statues that are on the exterior of the Michael Wing of the Hofsburg Imperial Palace. Finish him! Naked lion-fighting.  Doesn't seem like the smartest thing to do.
Fighting Cerberus? More ass kicking. Michael Wing fountain.
Another fountain by the Michael Wing. Opera Film Festival. The Rathaus behind the jumbo screen.
Another church in downtown. Vienna Parliament. Fake Greek temple.
Wandering downtown. One of the statues that make up the Monument Against War and Fascism. The Gates of Violence.
Washing anti-Nazi graffitti off the street.

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