The Salzach River. Walking to Old Town. Hohensalzburg Fortress, above Old Town.
Fountain in Old Town, built in 1661. View of Old Town from the fortress. The Franziskaner Church.
View of the Monchsberg on top of the cliffs.  Fortifications were first built in the 13th century. Looking east. Interior of Hohensalzburg Fortress.
Schloss Mirabell (Mirabell Palace) on the right side of the picture. Salzburg Cathedral. Fortress defenses.
Puppets. Mozart statue. Residenzplatz.
Another view of Residenzplatz, with the Salzburg Cathedral in the background. Another fountain in Old Town. Mozart's birthplace.
Salzach River near sunset. Old Town near sunset. Schloss Mirabell grounds.
Garden at Schloss Mirabell. Fountain in the Mirabell Gardens. Unicorn statue.
Another view of the fountain.  Should be able to recognize it from The Sound of Music. Stairway up to the Dwarf Garden. The Dwarf Garden.
One of the dwarves. Another dwarf.  All of these were supposedly based on real employees. The most famous dwarf, which was featured in The Sound of Music.
View of Old Town from across the river. Abbey Church of St. Peter. View of the Abbey Church from the cemetary.
Tombs lining the cemetary of the Abbey Church of St. Peter. I believe this is a church across the street from Schloss Mirabell. The lake where all the kids fell overboard in The Sound of Music.
Leopoldskron Castle. Leopoldskron Castle with Hohensalzburg Fortress in the background. Mountain, viewed from the lake.
The glass pavillion on the grounds of Hellbrunn Castle where Liesl did her jumping from bench to bench.  You can't go in the pavillion anymore because apparently some old lady was recreating the scene and ended up breaking her damn hip. Pretty sure this was featured in the movie at some point as well.  Also on the grounds of Hellbrunn Castle. Red Bull Headquarters.
Town in the Austrian Alps. Mondsee Cathedral, where The Sound of Music wedding takes place. Inside the cathedral.
Lake Mondsee.

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