Statue on a fountain in the town square. Cool butterfly over the entrance to the Ferdinandeum. The Spitalkirche (Hospital Church).
Goldenes Dachl (Golden Roof), built in 1500 for Emperor Maximilian I. Was built as a royal box to view tournaments that took place in the town square below. Close-up of the roof.
There are 2,657 shingles.
Building on the main tourist street. Street in front of the Goldenes Dachl. Clock tower.
Wein Haus front. The Hofkirche (Court Church). Inside the Hofkirche.
Theodoric the Great, aka Theodoric the most effeminate knight ever. The runner-up. Angry old guy.
Gimli? Looks like one of the armored goblins from Labyrinth. More statues.  There are 28 total.
King Arthur. The rear of the church. The tomb of Maximilian I.
The tomb of Andreas Hofer.  He was executed for rebelling against the French in 1809. Arch in downtown Innsbruck. More of downtown.
Clouds rolling over the mountains. More of the surrounding mountains.

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