Ulura (aka Ayers Rock)

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Waiting for sunrise at Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock. There's controversy over which name to use. Uluru sunrise Could have really used some puffy clouds for the sun to light up as a backdrop to make this interesting
The hike up to the top, with cables similar to Half-Dome at Yosemite They won't forbid you from climbing to the top, but they request that you don't out of respect for the Aboriginals, who consider Uluru to be a sacred site But they'll actually forbid it in cases of high winds or extreme heat, so it was officially closed the morning I was there
Big boulders that calved off the side of the sandstone face More erosion taking its toll Sandstone pitting
Uluru rises 1,142 ft above the surrounding terrain The path that takes you all the way around the site, about a 6 mile hike Sandstone waves
Uluru rock formations Kinda looks like a Star Wars helmet Uluru rock formations
Uluru erosion Uluru erosion Sandstone waves
Uluru cables Uluru calbes Half-mile climb to the top
Helicopter for the flight over Uluru and Kata Tjuta National Park View of Uluru from the air Uluru helicopter ride
Australian Outback Kata Tjuta, aka The Olgas, a collection of 36 large sandstone domes Uluru as seen from Kata Tjuta
Outback terrain Outback terrain Uluru from the sunset viewing side
Waiting for sunset. We had champagne to pass the time. Uluru at sunset. Again, no damn clouds to make things interesting.

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