Northern Territory Wildlife

Slideshow (Flickr)

Northern Territory crocodile Spotted on a wildlife cruise near Darwin Crocodile on the move
Brolga, also known as the Australian crane Brolga Brolga
Azure kingfisher Azure kingfisher Darter (aka anhinga)
White-bellied sea eagle Crocodile Crocodile
Wallaby in Kakadu National Park Pied cormorant Little corellas
(aka blue-eyed cockatoos)
Brolga Brolga Brolga
White-bellied sea eagle Pied cormorant Pied cormorant
Crocodile Crocodile Brolgas in flight
Wallaby Wallaby Wallaby
Little corellas
(aka blue-eyed cockatoos)
Darter (aka anhinga) Magpie goose
Comb-crested jacana Thirsty little corellas Thirsty little corellas
Black kite Black kite Black kites

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