Great Barrier Reef

(aka Underwater Photography is Hard)

Slideshow (Flickr)

Me going into the water on a 4-day, 3-night liveaboard dive trip with Mike Ball Dive Expeditions Me! I'm on the left, looking at a sea cucumber rising up
BBQ after the last dive of the trip Potato cod, they act kind of like dogs and will come right up to you and follow you around These actually aren't that big, they can get up to 8.5 ft long and weigh up to 240 lbs
Potato cod at the Cod Hole Potato cod Lizardfish
Lizardfish photo that got my runner-up in the end-of-trip photo contest. Lost to a picture of a boxfish. Another one of my favorite photos from the dive trip Blue starfish
School of snapper Great Barrier Reef coral Blue staghorn coral
Parrotfish Button polyps Black and red anemonefish
Great Barrier Reef fish Pillar-like dive site Button polyps
Mike Ball pro photographer Sea snake Sea snake
I think he sees me Sea snake Sea snake on the move
Green sea turtle Green sea turtle Green sea turtle
Green sea turtle Black lionfish Black lionfish
Black and red anemonefish I'm naming him the grumpy-old-man fish I assume some kind of coral polyp
Parrotfish Different kinds of hard coral Great Barrier Reef hard coral
Staghorn coral Cornetfish Large table coral
Sea cucumber Staghorn coral Coral reef
Stingray or skate? Greasy rockcod Greasy rockcod
School of unknown fish School of fish Maybe some kind of tiny sea slug?
Sea squirt School of snapper Unknown fish
Stonefish, one of the most venemous fish in the world, hiding in an rock alcove The light sticks mark a stonefish or something else dangerous and camouflaged Another camouflaged stonefish
Table coral Staghorn coral Different types of coral
Green barrel sea squirts I think this is a sabre squirrelfish Pillar-like dive site
Titan triggerfish Greasy rockcod Black and red anemonefish
Sea snake Two sea snakes Two sea snakes
Pink anemonefish Pink anemonefish Pink anemonefish
School of fish School of fish Huge table coral
Giant clam Cornetfish Tiny blue fish hiding
Barrier Reef Anemonefish Schools of fish Different coral types
Barrier reef anemonefish Table coral Giant clam
School of fish underneat the Spoilsport Sea cucumber rising off the seafloor Bicolor angelfish
Great Barrier Reef coral Coral cod Coral cod
Parrotfish Staghorn coral School of yellow fish
Table coral Table and staghorn coral Unicornfish
Titan triggerfish Giant clams Barrier reef anemonefish
Great Barrier Reef school of fish Unknown fish resting Sea cucumber
Snapper Six-banded angelfish Table coral
Checkerboard wrasse Hidden stonefish Fan coral
Too many yellow fish, I can't tell them apart No luck ID'ing this guy Feather star
Green plate coral Green plate coral Some brain coral
Barrier reef anemonefish Huge coral formation Plate coral

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