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The Spoilsport, a liveaboard run by Mike Ball Dive Expeditions. My home for 3 nights. Cairns is the home base for Great Barrier Reef divers The flight out to Lizard Island to meet up with the Spoilsport to start the dive trip
Barron Gorge National Park Barron Falls. It was just a trickle when I was there. It's much more impressive during the rainy season. Kuranda Scenic Railway
Sleeping koala Koalas at Kuranda Koala Gardens Koala
Koala Crocodile He looks grumpy. I think I woke him up.
Eastern grey kangaroo Helpful sign Wombat
Black cockatoo Scarlet macaw Scarlet macaw
Cassowary Don't mess with them. In 1926 13 and 16-year-old brothers tried to kill on with a club. The cassowary kicked the 16 y/o in the neck, cutting his throat and killing him. Blue-fronted Amazon
Eclectus Parrot Blue-fronted Amazon Friendly bird
Scarlet macaw Crocodile Lizard at Koala Gardens
Surprise! Eastern grey kangaroo Eastern grey kangaroo
Wallaby Wallaby Wallaby & red-legged pademelon
Wallaby & red-legged pademelon Eastern grey kangaroos Eastern grey kangaroo
Kuranda Scenic Railway Waterfall along the Kuranda Scenic Railway Cairns suburbs
Eastern grey kangaroo Eastern grey kangaroo

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