Hot Springs National Park

Fordyce Bathhouse, which now serves as the National Park Visitors Center and is the only bathhouse that you can tour. Mens bath hall. Womens bath hall. Just a very slight difference in quality.
Womens facilities. So many rules... Needle shower.
Hubbard tub. Stained glass skylight. Sitting room.
The gym. Fordyce natural spring. Maurice Bathhouse
The Maurice was built in 1912, and focused on physical therapy. Hale Bathhouse Weird statue along Bathhouse Row.
Fordyce Bathhouse, built in 1915. Hale was built in 1892. Superior Bathhouse
Another view of Hale, which stopped operating as a bathhouse in 1978. Plaza Hotel, opposite Bathhouse Row. Quapaw Bathhouse
Tiled dome with a copper cupola. Ozark Bathhouse Otters.
Ozark was built in 1922 and stopped operating in 1977. Buckstaff Bathouse Lamar Bathhouse
The Grand Promenade, that runs along and above Bathhouse Row on the hill behind them. Natural hot spring. Hot spring that emerges from under the Grand Promenade.
View of the green algae. Grand Promenade up above. Looking down Bathhouse Row.
Fish decoration. City fountain. Statue along Bathhouse Row.
Eagles statue. Free public fountain so you can fill up water bottles with spring water. Hot Springs Rehab Center.

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