Glacier Trekking

Perito Moreno Glacier

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Starting point for the Perito Moreno glacier trek It was something like an hour hike uphill along the side of the glacier before getting to the entrance point onto the glacier for the full day trek Waterfall along the way up
Waterfall The edge of the Perito Moreno glacier Lots of different shades of blue
Crampons Glacier trek was organized by Hielo y Aventura For the full day trek they break you up into groups of ten clients and two guides and then basically just go off and wander on your own. We never ran into any of the other groups during the day.
One of the Hielo y Aventura guides I guess the black silt deposits on the glacier surface, then absorbs more heat than the surrounding white surface, and as a result you get these boreholes Glacial pool on the surface
Hielo y Aventura guide Trekking towards the seracs, which you never actually reach Going up
The entire trek is basically up and down, up and down Glacial lake Glacial lake
Water-filled crevasse Glacial water Glacial water
Looking farther up the glacier Shot of the bad weather that was rolling in Lunch break
Hiking along a ridge Looking into a pool What everyone was looking at
Glacial pool Small glacier Ice overhang
Ice overhang Deep blue ice Random slash of blue
Glacier trekking Pretty awesome Glacier trekking
Glacier trekking Small crevasse Glacial ice
Perito Moreno glacier surface Glacier trekking Glacier trekking
Perito Moreno glacier Perito Moreno glacier Small valley
Glacier trekking Glacier trekking Edge of the glacier
View from the hike along the edge on the way back to the bottom A different group View hiking down
Back at the starting point Perito Moreno glacier Waiting for the boat back across the lake
View while sailing back to the dock

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