Paradise Bay

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Estacion Cientifica Almirante Brown, an Argentine research station Almirante Brown Research Station and the surrounding terrain of the Sanaviron Peninsula
Almirante Brown Research Station Almirante Brown Research Station Gentoo penguins hanging out around the research station
Gentoo penguin Gentoo penguin Gentoo penguin
Glacier capped cliffs. Pretty cool. Glacier capped cliffs Gentoo penguins
Albino Gentoo penguin Gentoo penguin Gentoo penguin
Almirante Brown Research Station Helpful navigation 620 nautical miles to Ushuaia, where our point of departure
Incoming bad weather 25 Feb 2014, I set foot on the Antarctic continent, which completed all seven continents in a 10 month period.
Pretty crazy.
Proof that Dad was on the continent
Gentoo penguins Young Gentoo penguin Gentoo penguins
Mighty penguin roar Young Gentoo penguin Profile shot
Gentoo penguins Gentoo penguins Gentoo penguins
Gentoo penguin Trying to shelter from the wind Gentoo penguin
Dad on the zodiac Glacier Glacier
Zodiac cruise around icebergs Cool looking iceberg Glacier
Glacier Dimpled iceberg Dimpled iceberg
The zodiac drivers M/V Ushuaia Unloading the zodiac
That would be an incredible view to wake up to every morning

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